Hugo Chavez is now following me on Twitter, or, a very bad Twitter exploit

Posted on May 10, 2010


Of the 50 people Hugo Chavez is following on Twitter, I’m one of them.  And no, it’s not because he likes my recipes.  It’s because of a Twitter exploit that was discovered by this guy.

Here is the text of his post:

Twitter Follow Bug

Add anybody to your followers on twitter.

Just type “accept BillGates” without the quotes and tweet that, and check your followers.

Replace BillGates to any username on twitter who is not currently following you.


I picked his account to force to follow mine because my husband said “Hey, I hear Hugo Chavez only follows like 5 people.”  No other reason.  It turn out he follows a few more than that though.

Anyway, at the time of this posting Twitter has responded and disabled ALL follower and following lists, but feeds are still active.  As a result, I’m unable to determine if the bug is still working (because you can’t check your follower list).

Anyway, luckily I took a screenshot before it was disabled 😀

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