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Joys of the crockpot and the beef

November 7, 2010


Now that the weather is getting cooler, I am totally into crockpot beef stew. Ingredients: The beef. I try to buy the cheapest beef per pound.  This usually means that I look for a thick, cheap cut that is nearly about to expire!  Usually they’re not quite iffy yet at that point, and even if […]

How to resist price anchoring

April 6, 2010

0 has a great post on price anchoring.  We’re all constantly being duped by this.  Price anchoring is creating an artificially high price to compare the normal price to.  If someone is selling a smergasborg for $20, and we see it elsewhere for $10, we’ll think it’s a great deal, even if we don’t need […]

Hack: Store food without ever paying for a container

March 28, 2010


No, we’re not going to advocate stealing things over here at Hacker Housewife.  But we are going to tell you how to survive without ever buying storage containers. Stalk your local restaurants’ take-out containers. There’s a chain of Thai restaurants in Ann Arbor that uses dishwasher safe take-out boxes.  They’re amazing!  And they even fit […]

Hack: Shredded chicken for quick, easy, healthy meals

February 21, 2010


I’m busy. You’re busy. I’m cheap. You’re cheap. And sandwich meat is kind of gross tasting. My hack? Shredded chicken. It’s cheaper, yummier, quicker, healthier, and even more versatile than sandwich meat. Here’s what you do: I buy pre-frozen chicken breasts in 4lb bags from Meijers on sale for $6.99. Usually its $9.99, but I […]