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Hugo Chavez is now following me on Twitter, or, a very bad Twitter exploit

May 10, 2010


Of the 50 people Hugo Chavez is following on Twitter, I’m one of them.  And no, it’s not because he likes my recipes.  It’s because of a Twitter exploit that was discovered by this guy. Here is the text of his post: Twitter Follow Bug Add anybody to your followers on twitter. Just type “accept […]

Did Ada Lovelace *really* write the first computer program?

April 27, 2010


After Ada Lovelace day had come and gone, I decided to do some more reading about her.  It turns out that there’s great primary literature online, including the paper for which she is famed and the autobiography of Charles Babbage. And between the two of them, there’s somewhat damning evidence that she was not, in […]

Banana bread recipe, and some griping

April 25, 2010


Ok, first let’s get the griping out of the way.  I volunteer with a pre-college engineering program that’s funded by a local university.  It’s pretty much the most fun thing ever, because I get to help 7th and 8th graders make and program Lego robots, build circuits, and try to get their heads around logic […]

Happy Ada Lovelace Day! And people on Facebook are assholes.

March 24, 2010


So far this blog has been more about the “housewife” part more than the “hacker” part.  I don’t know if you read the “about” page, but this is called “hacker housewife” because I happen to be both a hacker and a housewife.  That is to say, I program stuff… and while husband goes to work, […]

Mothers should be programmers

February 7, 2010


Disclaimer: I am not a mother (yet! :D) I’ve been sitting on the idea of this blog post for a while, and this article made me finally type it out. The Gamesbrief’s post is about how a video game company CEO considered discriminating against hiring women because of how costly maternity leave is to the […]